Courses and Syllabi

ENGL 200   – Craft of Researched Writing

ENGL 200 was a process writing class which emphasized critical analysis, elements of argument, inquiry-based research skills, writing conventions of academic argument and the presentation of argument and research into new mediums. The course required students to write a lengthy, documented, academic essay in which their own voices and authority were informed and enriched by the ideas, examples, and methods of others.

Syllabus (Spring 2000)

ENGL 304 – Advanced Writing

ENGL 304 is an advanced study of informative and persuasive prose techniques, with attention to the relationships among content, form and style. As final projects, students are required to write a lengthy narrative essay, a coherent, advanced researched persuasive paper and to keep an expository blog over the course of the semester.

Syllabus (Spring 2013)