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Fandom in the Academy is a collection of my legal, literary, theatrical, fandom and teaching activities into a digital, web-based portfolio. For the moment, it serves two main purposes: 1) A portfolio and collection of my work in the MATX program at Virginia Commonwealth University; and 2) A record and a way to share with others the work and art that I am most proud of over the last few years.

For the moment, the personal statement I used for entrance to VCU can be found on the About page, setting out how I got to this place in my life and why and including information for others who are curious about how I see my variegated interests combining in my life going forward.

For those interested in where else I can be found in other capacities on the web, you can find me in these locations:

  • Fairy Tale Coaching – my professional blog and coaching site, as well as the Twitter and Facebook accounts associated with the site and business.
  • Twitter – @ladyofbrileith (Really, don’t expect much academic or erudite there–a lot of it is fandom-related and just daily updates on my life or chatting with friends peppered with occasional political commentary.)
  • Facebook

Please feel free to look around and enjoy. The site is continually being updated as my work and interests evolve.

~ Charity

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