I first discovered fan videos some time in 2003. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was my favorite TV show at the time, and somehow I stumbled on to these videos someone had made, putting clips from the TV show together with music. I think the first one I found was with Buffy and Spike to Evanescence’s “Bring Me to Life.” I found out later everyone was using that song and it was considered overdone, but to me, it was like finding a new world.

I quickly became obsessed, searching everywhere for new fan videos. It was wonderful–you could just set stories to music, stories that were intended by the creators, or you could tell your own, just like with fan fiction, by a judicious use of clips.

I didn’t learn how to make them for a couple of more years, and my first efforts were shaky at best. I still don’t consider myself a master at them, by any means, but I enjoy it, and my friends seem to like the ones I make. They make me smile and let me tell the stories I want, especially as the pairings I like to see together are not always the ones which are canon (those put together by the show’s creators) or popular in fandom (and thus have a lot of videos and fic done by other people).

Below are a few of the videos I have done in the past couple of years. I am always looking to improve my skills, and it is probably easy to tell which ones are earlier. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I make no claim to own any of the video clips or images or the music used in the videos on this page. They remain the property of their respective copyright holders. I believe this work constitutes fair use under the legal analysis provided in my paper here. However, as these were done as a work of homage and tribute, and out of love, and no infringement is intended, I will be happy to remove them at the request of the copyright holders.

Fandom: Heroes
Characters: Samuel and Lydia
Music: “Don’t Stop” by Saving Jane
Summary: Samuel and Lydia quickly became my OTP for Season 4, and need more out there for them, so this is sort of my first take on how things could’ve/should’ve been.
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Fandom: Heroes
Characters: Adam and Peter
Music: Lifehouse’s “Broken”
Warnings: Slash
Summary: Adam Monroe and Peter Petrelli have a complicated relationship. They’re both more than a little broken when they meet, but maybe they can manage to find some healing from each other.
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Fandom: Alias
Characters: Sark and Rachel
Music: Blue October’s “Hate Me”
Summary: He might not be able to forget her, but Sark knows he’s no good for Rachel, and is trying to let her go.
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Fandom: Highlander
Characters: Methos and Lord Byron
Music: Lisa Marie Presley
Warnings: Implied Slash
Summary: Even years later, Methos still can’t break from Byron’s spell.
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